How to listen to heartbeat of a fruit in house conditions

How to listen to heartbeat of a fruit in house conditions

During pregnancy the woman is strongly subject to new feelings, feelings and fears. To calm future mom it is necessary to learn how to listen to heartbeat of a fruit in house conditions. Then the woman at any time will be able to make sure that with the child everything is good.

Than listen to heartbeat of a fruit

It is possible to listen to the heart rate of the kid by means of the following equipment:

  • Ultrasonic device.
  • Obstetric stethoscope.
  • Fetal dopler.

On what term it is possible to listen to heartbeat

Most of pregnant women interests on what term it is possible to listen to heartbeat. If the ultrasonography device of the last generation is used for this purpose, then it is possible to see and hear reductions of the small and not developed yet heart on the sixth obstetric week of pregnancy. But such early diagnostics is necessary only in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy happened not in the natural way, and by means of an artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization.
  • At the anamnesis of the woman there was stood pregnancy.
  • Threat of termination of pregnancy.

In other cases to do ultrasonography on such early term is not obligatory.

If the doctor who conducts the patient, considers that pregnancy takes place normally, then the first ultrasonography where it will be possible to hear as fights the child's heart, is appointed on the term of 12-14 weeks. 

Approximately about 18-20 weeks on each reception at the gynecologist-reproduktologa there will take place the research of heart rate of a fruit. Thus the doctor will be able to control a condition of the kid.

How to listen to heartbeat of a fruit in house conditions

In off-the-shelf pharmacy future parents can buy pocket version of the device Doplera. At its use it is possible to hear as small heart about 12-14 weeks fights. But It should be noted that such listening is possible thanks to ultrasonic waves which can disturb the kid. It is worth listening to reductions for 1-2 min. and no more. Use of the device Doplera very simple also consists of only several actions:

  • It is necessary to apply special gel on the device sensor.
  • To put it to the pregnant woman's stomach.
  • Having fixed the handle of the device it is necessary to drive smoothly and very slowly on a stomach.
  • The device itself will feel heartbeat, and will bring an indicator to the display.

By means of an obstetric stethoscope the woman will not be able independently to hear as heart of her child fights. Only at the partner it can turn out after the 30th week of pregnancy. It is also necessary to be accustomed and find that point which will be the next to heart. This way is not considered good in house conditions as the parent can take sounds of intestines of the pregnant woman for heartbeat.

Some consider that it is possible to listen to heartbeat by a phonendoscope. But it is extremely difficult not for expert to make it. Unlike a stethoscope, the phonendoscope can catch not only low tone (work of heart or intestines), but also high (work of lungs and vessels). As a result to define that it is heard through a phonendoscope, becomes extremely hard task.

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