How to look after sensitive skin of the baby

How to look after sensitive skin of the baby

Skin very sensitive also demands thorough leaving from babies. On it irritations and rash can appear. Chemicals which contain in some care products for skin of the kid are one of the possible causes of various problems. Fortunately, there are effective ways of protection of gentle skin of the child and care for it.

Widespread problem at infantile age is the rash arising at contact of skin of the child with urine or a chair in too tight diapers. Also it arises if skin insufficiently dry after bathing, at contact with the concrete brand of diapers and wet towel wipes. Most often this type of rash does not demand medical care. If at your child the reddening of skin in the field of a diaper is observed, use special recommendations.

Check diapers at the baby more often. If they wet or dirty, they need to be replaced immediately. Use wet towel wipes only when skin at the child completely dry. Besides, spirit wet towel wipes can lead to strong irritation of skin of the baby.

Accurately and carefully wipe skin of the kid after bathing. Do not put on a diaper if skin insufficiently dry. Also it is not necessary to dry too intensively the child a towel.

Frequent bathing can result in a bigger dryness of skin as its protective pigments disappear, and she becomes inclined to irritation. You should not bathe the kid daily, there will be quite enough three once a week.

Besides, time of bathing has to be minimum as tap water dries gentle skin of the child. Use special soap and the children shampoo without strong aroma. Carefully bathe the kid, doing not pass the place behind ears and between fingers. Before putting on diapers, make sure that completely wiped skin.

Choose fabrics, soft and pleasant for skin of the child. The clothes from 100% of cotton help skin to breathe. Be careful when washing clothes of your relatives. Use gentle laundry detergents.

After purchase of new clothes it needs to be washed surely - the new clothes are capable to cause irritation of skin of the child.

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