How to look after the child's teeth

How to look after the child's teeth

Not each parent finds it necessary to look after milk teeth of the kid, believing that all of them equally will drop out sooner or later. However, this quite misleading delusion which can cost further serious problems. It is the best of all to begin to care for teeth from the moment of their emergence.

To the child about one year the parents can mass gums and wipe the first teeth with the gauze wound around a finger. It is also possible to use a special silicone brush with pimples. Closer by a year it will already be possible to offer to pick up independently to the kid a brush and to try to brush teeth.

Begin to impart to the child a toothbrushing habit in the morning and in the evening, showing on the example that you do it too. Regularly show to the child technology of toothbrushing; show him, it is properly correct to hold a brush how many to squeeze out on it pastes, etc. Eventually toothbrushing will become a habit, and the kid himself will reach for toothpaste with a brush.

We choose a toothbrush

Children's toothbrushes can be divided into the following categories conditionally: - for kids from 0 to 2 years; - for children from 3rd to 6 years; - for children of school age; - for teenagers. According to stomatologists, it is necessary to choose a toothbrush, proceeding from quality of her bristle. It can be both natural, and synthetic. Natural brushes now practically do not exist as in practice they were very unhygienic (in them a large number of various microorganisms began to breed), besides, such brushes were too quickly split and failed. The synthetic brush of rounded shape allowing to look after carefully as teeth, and the child's gums is most preferable. Besides, the bristle has to be soft if you choose a brush for milk teeth to the child up to 6 years. But even if teeth at the child were not cut through yet, it is necessary to take care of due gum care. For such kids aged up to 2 years release special brushes fingerstalls from silicone by means of which it is recommended to mass gums of the kid, helping them it is easier to transfer a further teething. For the child is more senior it is recommended to choose a brush the most convenient for a children's hand. Their rubberized handle, as a rule, is slightly thicker than those that are used on adult brushes that to a children's hand it was most comfortable. In the form of animals, plants and heroes of animated films it is worth refusing purchase of a brush for a while until the child learns to look after teeth independently. Do not neglect simple rules of hygiene. Before the first application the brush needs to be drenched with boiled water. Besides, both the adult, and children's brush is subject to replacement each 3-5 months. Some brushes for convenience of parents have the special color indicator which change of color will prompt that time a brush came to change.

We choose toothpaste

It is necessary to treat also the toothpaste choice not less seriously. Pay attention whether there is as a part of the paste chosen by you a fluorine. Buying paste for the child up to 2 years, it is worth refraining from purchase of the pastes containing fluorine. The fact is that such kid is not able to rinse properly a mouth after toothbrushing yet and the majority of paste swallows. And fluorine, in turn, getting to a children's organism in large numbers, can do irreparable harm, even cases of lethal outcomes are known. Besides, children's paste should not contain abrasive substances not to damage gentle children's enamel. Wishing to buy "useful" paste, choose such which part are: propolis, myrrh, aloe belief, tea tree oil, camomile, melissa, mint. You should not buy for everyday application the paste directed, for example, to treatment of bleeding of gums, especially without preliminary consultation with the pediatrician or the stomatologist. Business in the fact that such pastes may contain strong substances and medicines (such, for example, as triclosan) which are not admissible to be applied on a constant basis.

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