How to look to the child at a throat

How to look to the child at a throat

Parents in confusion: the child is concerned by something, cries, something is obvious not as it should be. They are concerned how to check a throat of the kid. This procedure not from the most pleasant, and even the doctor with experience will not always be able softly and without serious consequences to make it.


1. The child becomes angry, pushes away all, the danger of injuring mucous a mouth appears. And yet, parents are the closest people, and the kid will easier trust in you, than the pediatrician. It is good if part is taken by both parents.

2. Sit down on a chair or a sofa, take the kid, put to yourself on knees and calm. Slightly you bend with him back. Survey of a throat requires the small lamp small in the form of the handle (it is possible to get in pharmacy). Besides to be useful a small spoon, on its handle there should not be sharp ledges.

3. Usually, trying to see a throat, speak to the child: "Tell a-a-a and vysun language". However similar action can provoke an emetic reflex at the kid that will adjust it again on an aggressive harmony. It is not necessary to ask to put out tongue it is, enough, if it just opens the mouth, and you softly keep the mouth shut a spoon or the pallet. At this moment the child let just deeply inhales a mouth. Thereof language itself will fall, and the soft palate, on the contrary, will rise and, thus, survey of an oral cavity will not cause any difficulties. And the child will not be afraid of this simple procedure further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team