How to lose weight if you nurse

How to lose weight if you nurse

Long months of expectation, and your kid here was born. It is quite natural that young mom would like to bring a body into a former harmonious form which it had before childbirth as soon as possible. At the same time there is one "but". Mom nurses the kid. It is necessary to lose weight in that case with observance of some rules.


1. Do not eat for two! This rule number one for persons interested to lose weight at simultaneous breastfeeding. And here behind the number of the use of vitamins B to food and also the products containing calcium, protein it is necessary to watch closely. Their contents has to be raised during this period.

2. Eat fractionally. That is it is frequent, but gradually. Finally during the day you have to make 4-5 approaches to food in portions no more than 200-250 grams. After 19:00 hours of nothing fat, dense eat. It is possible to eat apple or to drink a cup of natural yogurt.

3. Balance the food as follows: proteinaceous food there have to be 50%, 30% are cellulose and vitamins, 20% - fats and carbohydrates. Sweet, flour – on a minimum. It is more than not starchy vegetables, fruit. Any fried food, tinned, sharp, salty. Steam to yourself food, bake in an oven, the multicooker, boil.

4. Coming for walk with the child, you do not sit on a shop, and walk intensive steps with a carriage on the avenue. Walking perfectly burns excess calories. It is necessary to walk every day till 2 o'clock. It is good if you are able to make it within an hour in the morning and to take a walk as much after a lunch.

5. Surely drink a large amount of water. It will help to remove quickly used calories, the processed food through intestines. It is necessary to drink to one and a half water liter in day of simple drinking water. Also have green tea, fresh juices from fruit and vegetables, compote without sugar.

6. Do sports. Any physical exercises which were not forbidden by your doctor. It is difficult for you to find for this time now, but manage to allocate at least half an hour in day for classes, at least for torsion of a hoop on a stomach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team