How to lose weight to the 12th summer girl

How to lose weight to the 12th summer girl

Not only adults suffer from excess weight. Children in 10-12 years also face this problem, and at least, than adults. How to lose weight to the girl in 10-12 years at the same time not to break the formed hormonal background?

How to lose weight to the girl in 10-12 years and not to lose health

Children are a mirror of the parents. And if in family not the healthy lifestyle, and a stomach is regarded as of paramount importance, then not to pass problems with excess weight to either dad, or mom, or the son, or the daughter. Excess 5-10 kilograms can quietly be transferred by adults, and here the child's organism, especially to 10-12 years, can react is deplorable. At such age the obesity is a disease not so much esthetic how many hormonal. At boys the production of testosterone decreases, at girls problems with production of estrogen begin to arise.

However at the girl in already 10-12 years the first complexes also begin to appear from behind excess weight: boys begin to tease, schoolmates - to play a trick. If you do not want your beloved child to have problems with peers, and in the future with private life and the birth of children, it is necessary to take measures already now.

What to do if the problem already is?

First, not to despair, and secondly, to work! But it is not necessary to sit down the girl in 10-12 years on buckwheat at all as well as to close the fridge on the lock at 18:00. If there is an opportunity, then write down the daughter on dances or run. The best option will be if you together with it go to classes yoga, Pilates or shaping. For few months the figure of the girl will be tightened, excess 2-4 kilograms will leave forever. If it is impossible to do sports in any way, then begin to walk all family in the park, and it is better to run. A great fat-burning option - the Scandinavian walking. It is a usual fast pace, you hold ski sticks only in hand.

Need of a diet

Strict diets are unambiguously not necessary! It is necessary to adhere only to the system of healthy nutrition. First, remove all harmful products from the house: mayonnaise, margarine, cheese (an exception - brynza), sausage, white loaf of the premium. Secondly, considerably reduce consumption of sugar (for the girl in 12 years enough 3 teaspoons of sugar a day), candies and - it is no more than 100 grams of other sweets in day (these are about 10 candies). In a diet of the girl there have to be all nutrients approximately in such proportions: proteins - 30%, carbohydrates - 60%, fats - 20%. 5-6 times a day, small portions are desirable to eat. For breakfast porridge with dried apricots, banana as having a snack at school, for lunch is good - a plate of low-fat borsch with a piece of the Borodino bread, at 16 o'clock it is possible to eat 100 grams of cottage cheese and one apple, it is possible to eat 100 grams of a boiled breast in the evening, and for an hour to a dream the glass of 1% of kefir will be excellent end of day. Such diet will accelerate metabolism, and the child will lose weight on 2-3 kilograms a month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team