How to lose weight to the teenager

How to lose weight to the teenager

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That the teenager had an excess weight, big fault of his parents who did not impart to the child the correct eating habits. As the teenager cannot keep to a rigid diet to lose weight, he needs to learn a balanced diet and to get new useful habits.


1. First of all it is necessary to exclude the medical reasons of excess weight at the child. In certain cases diseases of digestive tract, a cardiovascular system, endocrine diseases can be the cause of completeness. See a doctor behind consultation.

2. For the growing organism very important that the diet was balanced on the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Considering energy needs of teenagers, the ratio of these elements has to make 1:1:4. The distortion towards increase in carbohydrates and fats leads to increase in weight.

3. It is necessary to refuse animal fats – fat meat and fish. Surely exclude mayonnaise, spices and salty dishes since they stimulate appetite. Sweets – one more source of excess weight. Limit consumption of clean sugar, candies, cakes, cakes, especially with fat cream. The resolved sweets are jelly, dried fruits, berry, milk and cottage cheese desserts. The need of an organism for carbohydrates should be satisfied at the expense of grain, vegetables and fruit, products from firm grades of wheat.

4. Especially it is necessary to mention fast food. In such food there is nothing useful, only a huge number of calories. You avoid the institutions trading in fast food. But if nevertheless the teenager has to have a bite there, it is necessary to be limited to milkshake, fruit juice or salad. Also losing weight teenager should forbid consumption of lemonades, power engineering specialists, coffee and tea. Replace them with juice, fruit drinks, milk and dairy drinks. The chips loved practically by all children should be replaced with wholegrain small loafs.

5. Explain to the child the reasons for which you enter any given products in the list – he has to know about their harm. The categorical ban without explanations can lead to a protest from the teenager. Once a week allow the child to please yourself with delicacy from the forbidden list. However after that it is necessary to take a walk, ride a bike or to swim for a while in the pool.

6. Accustoming the child to healthy nutrition, follow these rules also. The personal example of close people is very important for the teenager. Also joint sports activities will be useful. You praise and encourage the child for each dumped kilogram. Health and excellent mood of your teenager and also good relations with it will become an award to you.

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