How to lower a lactation

How to lower a lactation

Decrease in amount of breast milk can become a necessary measure at end of a lactation in the emergency order or when the child refuses a breast. Unclaimed portions of milk can cause pain and unpleasant feelings in a breast.


1. The main method of reduction of a lactation – reduction of number of applyings. Inflow of milk depends on operation of the mechanism of self-control of a lactation which "delivers" that amount of milk what was drunk in the last day. It is necessary to reduce number of applyings gradually – at first cancel one day feeding, replacing it with one dish of a feeding up. The last remove night feedings which support a lactation. The dishes of a feeding up offered the child have to contain all necessary nutritious elements and vitamins. At the same time it is not necessary to increase the number of decantations, it is necessary to empty a breast before small simplification of a state.

2. The old way promoting the termination of development of milk is pulling of a breast. Ice compresses on a breast which should be done periodically promote narrowing of dairy channels and reduction of a lactation. If the breast at the same time is strongly filled, then poultices from grass infusions (parsley, a camomile) which are warming up compresses with camphor oil will help.

3. Some herbs have the properties stopping development of milk. The leaves of mint and a sage made by abrupt boiled water good the calming action, strengthen nervous system and regulate secretory functions. Hop cones together with leaves of walnut can be made and drunk after a meal on a half of a glass.

4. Completing breastfeeding process, mom has to watch amount of the consumed liquid and its structure. It is necessary to refuse warm and plentiful drink, milk, hot tea for a while.

5. In need of the emergency excommunication it is possible to address the gynecologist who will prescribe the medicine stopping a lactation. In such cases the process can sharply proceed, with fever and considerable deterioration in the general state. Constant control of a condition of a breast is necessary, and in case of identification of consolidations and the inflamed sites it is necessary to see a doctor.

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