How to lower a stress at visit of the stomatologist

How to lower a stress at visit of the stomatologist

That the kid has to visit regularly the stomatologist, all parents, but very few people really manage to eliminate fear and to make such visits for the kid painless know. Most often for younger generation the children's stomatologist is a stress to correct a situation, it is worth taking the following advice.

The first visit

The first visit to the stomatologist is an important point, it is possible to tell decisive. Most often it preventive and to the child it is only necessary to have examination even if treatment is required. At this stage at the baby the idea of the doctor is formed and the attitude towards him is put. The main task at this moment is to make acquaintance by the most pleasant. A lot of things at the same time depend on the doctor, his ability to win over the little patient.

After the first visit it is necessary to prepare the baby for regular visits. It is possible "to resemble" in playful way to the doctor, to suggest the kid to treat teeth to toys or mom.

How to lower a stress at visit of the stomatologist

Before a campaign to the doctor the parents need to tell for what it becomes what benefit is brought by regular visits. It is possible to tell the fairy tale about kind doctor Aybolit who treats kids. It is possible to tell a story that harmful bacteria build lodges in teeth and the doctor needs to banish them.

It is possible to accustom in playful way the kid at home that in a mouth it is necessary to put tools to survey teeth and to treat them. Than more attributes will be at home: toy tools, a white dressing gown, that the kid at the stomatologist will feel like more comfortably.

It is never better to use the phrases containing a word is "sick" even if they deny it. They already are frightening and will not adjust the kid on the necessary harmony. It is better if before procedures the doctor presents to the child a small gift, it will quickly win its attention and arrangement and will make a visit not such frightening (it is possible to transfer a gift to the doctor imperceptibly for the kid).

After a campaign to the stomatologist

After the visit it is necessary to accent the kid on pleasant that the procedure not terrible, already all behind that the doctor did not hurt the kid and other. It is possible to take away the child to the park and to take a walk not for long – it will reduce stress and will leave only positive emotions.

The most important mistake of many parents is that after painful treatment in the stomatologist's office, at each prank of the child begin to frighten by a visit to the doctor. As the campaign all the same will be inevitable, the child will begin to feel not just fear, and the real panic, then it will already be very difficult to correct a situation. Therefore it is never necessary to use an image of the doctor as a frightening factor in order that the campaign to the stomatologist did not give in the future an inconvenience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team