How to lower hemoglobin at the child

How to lower hemoglobin at the child

The raised hemoglobin meets much less than lowered, but it also is an aberration. To achieve normalization of indicators, it is necessary to reconsider a power supply system and to take a number of other measures.


1. Before that, how to lower hemoglobin to the child, address to medical institution and undergo inspection. The raised hemoglobin can demonstrate presence of serious diseases.

2. It is possible to lower hemoglobin by means of healthy nutrition. Many consider that a large amount of the iron promoting formation of hemoglobin contains in apples, pomegranates, buckwheat. Actually the greatest number of iron is present at meat products. Therefore correct the menu of the child so that meat at it was present only dietary grades and at the quantity which is not exceeding the norm necessary for full development. It is desirable to leave only light meat in a diet. It is possible to compensate a lack of protein by means of vegetable products.

3. Give to the child more fresh greens salads which promote decrease in hemoglobin.

4. It is possible to normalize hemoglobin level in blood by means of a mummy. The dosage of medicine depends on age of the child. Up to ten years give no more than 0.05 g of a mummy a day, a dose increase from 10 to 14 years to 0.1 g of Mumiye is accepted for the night for 10 days, then a break for 5 days is taken and the course is spent on drink repeatedly. Remember that at all usefulness of a mummy without consultation with the doctor it is better for child not to give him. Only the expert observing the child can make accurate recommendations of admissibility of any given way of treatment.

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