How to make a baby sling

How to make a baby sling

Advantages of baby slings are indisputable: the kid comfortably feels near mom, it is convenient to it to eat even during walk, and at parents hands are released. Simplicity of a design of a baby sling is directly proportional to convenience of its use. Any mom can make the device for carrying of the child independently.

It is required to you

  • - dense fabric;
  • - 2 rings with a diameter of 5-6 cm.


1. Pick up fabric. Material has to be dense, but not rough. Usual coarse calico will approach, but consider that it can slide on outerwear. Therefore for the house make a baby sling of cotton, and for walks - of jacquard or dense knitwear.

2. Choose baby sling model which you will do. It is the simplest to fix a scarf 2.5-3 m long and 0.5 m wide on rings. Buy fabric of the necessary width not to process an edge. Pick up plastic, bamboo or metal rings with an internal diameter of 5-6 cm.

3. For convenience of setting narrow the ends of a scarf or cut off them at an angle for creation of beautiful draperies. Process edges of a baby sling. In the middle of a cloth make a superficial tuck, it is required to find the center of a scarf if it is required to put on it in transport.

4. Pass one end of a baby sling throughout both rings, bend edge and carry out through one ring. Tighten fabric so that the short end was 40 cm long. Put edge of a baby sling with rings on the shoulder, leave short edge on a back. Straighten folds.

5. Wrap up the long end of a baby sling around a back and miss from below through both rings. Bend a scarf forward and miss the return movement in one ring. Straighten the turned-out pocket and tighten or weaken if necessary.

6. Sew baby sling model with the fixed rings. For this purpose on one end of a cloth put folds, stretch both rings through fabric. Bend fabric and lay at small distance from rings several lines capable to sustain the child's weight.

7. Cut the free end of a baby sling. Sew to it a pocket for trifles on a velcro or on a lightning. At putting on miss the free end of a scarf through both rings and return through one. Tighten a pocket that it was convenient to child to sit or lie, straighten a drapery.

8. For the grown-up kid make a double baby sling with foam laying. For a start sew a small pillow for a shoulder. Record on it rings, in a detail put foam rubber or batting. Do not sew up edge of a small pillow yet.

9. And 2.5-3 m long sew the main cloth 1 m wide on length and turn out on the face. On the one hand put folds, insert them into the free region of a small pillow for a shoulder, stitch.

10. Cut out a detail of 50-100 cm from thin foam rubber. Insert foam rubber closer by the free end, lay on edge of a baby sling of a line. Process the free end of a cloth. As you can see, it is possible to make a baby sling even with a foam insert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team