How to make a bed to the child most

How to make a bed to the child most

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How to make independently children's bed? The similar question disturbs many newly appeared parents safeguarding the successor as the products realized by the market not always meet the requirements of reliability.

Not always products which are offered today by our shops are capable to satisfy to tastes of consumers. In that case there is only one decision - to be engaged in production of a bed in own forces. Of course, it is possible only when the daddy has some skills in creation of household goods.

If he is capable of such "feat" - that a question how to make a children's bed most, is not unsolvable. Such materials and tools as boards which thickness will be 4-5 cm, plywood, the grinder, a plane, wood stain and brushes, a power saw and a drill, laths and self-tapping screws will be necessary for production of a design.

Assembly of a bed

When all is prepared, it is possible to get directly to work. So, first of all, it is necessary to decide on dimensions. It is recommended to do a bed "for growth" – that is, with a stock, for its further use when the child grows up. However it is necessary to remember that mattresses by the sizes are strictly standardized. All details should be processed further. For this purpose use a plane. When all elements are beautiful and ideally equal, then nobody will be able to distinguish a berth from a factory analog. Further start sawing up of boards. Plywood and basic laths have to have the geometrical sizes of a mattress, and height of legs can be accepted on the discretion. All this is ground by means of the special grinder. After preparations are made, begin to aggregate all available details. At assembly it is necessary to use self-tapping screws. And, when the prepared details will be qualitative, then the bed will be strong and durable. Therefore in such question it is better not to save.

Painting of a product

It is possible to make a headboard, in addition. For this detail it will be necessary to take a fibreboard. Spink needs to apply to a design and to take screws. Then it is possible to start painting of a berth. Painting is made in two layers. But if color did not satisfy, then it is necessary to put still one layer, before obtaining desirable visual effect. At the same time it is important to know that each layer will dry not less than five hours. Here it is so with own hand possible to make a beautiful bed which on the quality will not concede to a factory analog at all, and in safety issues considerably will surpass it. Everything becomes for own child, but not abstract, as on the production line.

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