How to make a bib for the kid with own hands

How to make a bib for the kid with own hands

The bib is just irreplaceable thing for mom who feeds the kid. In the people they are also called ""bibs"". When using bibs it is much simpler to keep clothes of clean. It is possible to sew a bib very quickly even if you are not a professional seamstress.

Bib the hands: what will be required for sewing

It can sew a bib for the child the to hands to each feeding mummy even if earlier she and did not hold the sewing machine in hand. Only for this purpose it is necessary to prepare necessary materials. It is recommended to take the fabric which is well absorbing liquid for work. Best of all for this purpose terry fabric will approach. Also you will need rags of cotton fabric, scissors and a pencil, the sewing machine. It will not turn out to do without buttons, a needle, threads and a special piece of chalk.

How to sew a bib

After preparation of the above-stated materials it is possible to get to work. For a start accurately connect rags and paste them on cotton fabric. The truth before it it will be necessary to make a pattern or a template. The template is definitely not required to actually experienced seamstress. If you have no sufficient knowledge in this question, surely use a pattern and try to place it along cross thread.

Then you will find a similar detail for terry fabric. Do not forget to leave at the same time allowances for seams. After that combine two details on the face and stitch. Surely leave couple of centimeters that the bib could be turned out then. Turn out a bib and sew up not stitched site. Process already approaches end. At the next stage it is necessary to press properly a bib and to stitch it. At the same time do not forget that it is necessary to recede from edge small distance. On this sewing it is complete. It was necessary only to sew a button to a bib. Process of feeding is very labor-intensive. But the nice bib made with own hands will not allow the kid to be soiled during this process. It is good that the functional accessory is made of the fabric which is perfectly absorbing moisture. It is also very important that it without effort can be undone and clasp. The bib of a similar form is very comfortable and will not rub to the kid unlike outdated models on ties at all. Also it will in addition protect shoulders and sleeves which are strongly soiled in the course of feeding from pollution. Bibs thought up not for nothing. They promote production at the kid of a certain habit. The child understands that the meal is put on from clothing of a bib, and behaves more quietly. With such useful accessory the feeding will turn into continuous pleasure.

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