How to make a cabbage suit for a children's morning performance?

How to make a cabbage suit for a children's morning performance?

If your child wants to appear on a morning performance in a cabbage suit, then you can sew for it this dress, using very plain materials. Many of them, most likely, already are in your house.

Plain suit from cabbage

It is required to you:

- green t-shirt;

- green trousers; - green socks; - green hat or cap; - black shoes; - rubber ring; - green brown paper or art paper; - transparent adhesive tape. Dress the child in clothes of green color, for example, in a green t-shirt and trousers. It is a suit basis.

Inflate a rubber ring. Put on it the child's waist. Attach a circle to the child's waist an adhesive tape so that it well kept. Crumple green brown paper or art paper. So you will assimilate structure of paper to cabbage leaves.

Begin to wrap a paper roll around a rubber ring. Attach paper to a circle by means of a transparent adhesive tape. Perhaps, paper should be cut off on length if it hangs down below knees of the kid. Continue to wrap paper around the child's body, the thick, round sphere will not turn out yet. Now cut off paper and fix by an adhesive tape sideways.

Difficult option of a suit

It is required to you: - green felt or felt; - a green t-shirt for the adult; - a green t-shirt for the teenager; - scissors; - white marker or fabric paint; - filler from fiber; - sewing machine. It is better if t-shirts differ slightly in color. Felt has to be a little more dark, than t-shirts. Pass a t-shirt of the smaller size in a t-shirt more. Connect bottom edges of t-shirts by means of pins on side seams. Now pin bottom edges of t-shirts to each other in the middle in front and behind. Continue to fix in the middle pieces of edges until the distance between pins is not equal to 5 cm. As one of t-shirts is more, "accordion" will turn out. Sew bottom edges of t-shirts together. The big t-shirt will lay down on small folds. Connect t-shirts at a neck at the edges from seams. Take the rectangular sheet of felt and cut off it at the edges waves like a cabbage leaf. By means of white acrylic paint or a marker make "streaks" on "leaves". To achieve a bigger similarity to a cabbage leaf, take a pattern from felt, put it in half along a leaf and stitch, having a little receded from a bend, up a leaf to the middle. The turned-out seam will remind a streak of a cabbage leaf. Sew "cabbage leaves" to bottom edge of a children's suit the basis down. Then they will entertainingly stick out in the parties. Fill a suit fiber between t-shirts through an opening at a mouth that "cabbage" turned out big-bellied. Finish drawing by means of a marker or paint contours of leaves in front of and behind a suit on the top t-shirt.

On a surface of the t-shirt which is from above it is possible to make wrinkles of fabric that the head of cabbage looked naturally.

Stitch manually t-shirts, connecting them a seam lines of a breast that stuffing did not get out through a mouth are slightly higher and held a form. Sew completely edges of t-shirts at a throat.

At will it is possible to cut off sleeves of a big t-shirt and to sew them in the place of a cut with a small t-shirt.

The cabbage suit is ready to a morning performance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team