How to make a chair children's

How to make a chair children's

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The wooden furniture made by the hands will serve to you for many years. The main thing in its production is an accuracy and following to instructions. Make to the child a children's chair - he will be precisely glad.

It is required to you


1. Start production of back legs. On paper make the drawing of legs and a back of a chair. That it turned out symmetrically, draw only a half. Then impose a tracing-paper and with its help transfer the drawing to the second part. Further cut out a paper template. Apply a template to the prepared boards and cut legs and a back back.

2. Oshkurite the cut details. Smooth out faces a rasp, then sanding paper at first large, and then small. You watch that all parties were perpendicular each other.

3. A drill drill openings for nagely. Measure very precisely places for openings. For this purpose drill it in one detail, and then thrust Nagel there, apply the second detail and press. From Nagel there will be a round mark. In this place it is also necessary to drill. Collect legs and a back of a nagelyama, but do not stick together yet.

4. Start cutting out of a pattern on a back if you plan it to do. At first bore through openings, and already insert a saw into them. Cut in such direction that fibers of wood did not rise. Process places of saw cuts skins and a burin.

5. Make a template for sitting and front legs. Further create a template, cut details, process them, make openings for nagely.

6. Collect a chair without glue. Look whether normally all details will join, whether there are right angles.

7. If all rules are followed – stick together a chair. Miss the mark places of connections, fill in glue in openings for nagely. After drying of glue cover a product with wood stain, let's dry out once again properly and cover with furniture varnish.

8. Start production of soft sitting. For this purpose take a plywood leaf. Cut from it a detail of the necessary sizes. On this template cut out foam rubber. To make a cover, apply a seat template to fabric. Then recede from edges on 5 cm and cut out. Collect a seat. Put foam rubber on plywood, fabric on foam rubber. Turn all this, bend fabric on plywood and adjust the furniture stapler. That's all, creation of a children's chair is complete.

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