How to make a child allowance

How to make a child allowance

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Appearance of the child in family inevitably leads to aggravation of a monetary question. There is no wish to save on the kid, but mom will not be able temporarily to work. The state provides on this case support of motherhood in the form of such grants as single, children's, dairy and on child care. For receiving those, it is necessary to collect certain documents.

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1. In maternity hospital at an extract, you will be given an extract about the birth of the child and the reference on a lump sum. An extract is necessary to you to make the birth certificate. Under the law on execution of this document 20 days are given. If parents are not married, it is necessary to confirm paternity also. For implementation of this procedure it is necessary to write the application in body of civil registration and to pay the state fee.

2. After obtaining the birth certificate it is necessary to establish nationality of the child. For this purpose it is enough to address in a passport office with identity documents. In the column ""children"" the seal with initials and date of birth of the child will be set.

3. The child has to be registered at the certain place of residence. He can be registered in the apartment of one of parents. For this purpose, all inhabitants living on legal grounds to this address have to write the application that have no anything against this procedure.

4. It is necessary to take certificates of income for the last 6 months. If parents are employed, then from the place of work. Jobless citizens should make a photocopy of the service record and the reference from labor exchange. Or from the place of study of mother if she is a student of full-time internal department.

5. Having received the birth certificate and the policy, it is necessary to apply to the local pediatrician for the reference on type of feeding of the child. It happens three types: chest, mixed and artificial. The system of payments of a dairy grant is applied to each type.

6. In municipal institution of your settlement it is necessary to take the certificate of family composition.

7. Having collected all necessary documents, it is necessary to address to the body which is carrying out payment of grants. If mother is employed, then it is the organization which granted a maternity leave. In case the woman is a student of full-time internal department, then it is necessary to address in the place of study. If only the father works, then in the organization where he is employed. Jobless parents should go to social security authorities. For granting grants, it is necessary to write the application addressed to the head of that organization which will carry out payments.

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