How to make a children's arena

How to make a children's arena

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In general, the arena is not necessary to the kid – he with much bigger pleasure will creep on all room, to look in cases and to try to climb on a sofa. But to parents, especially young, the children's arena very much is useful – in it it is possible to leave quietly the child and to leave for a while the room. It is possible to make a children's arena independently, of any materials, safe for the kid.

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1. At first determine the optimum sizes of an arena. Try to make it as much as possible on the area that the child had an opportunity to move. It is better to increase arena height for the lively child, but try that the kid had an opportunity to look and not through a lattice, at least at you.

2. If there is an opportunity, do an arena of reliable and enough heavy materials – a metal profile or wooden laths that the kid could not turn it. Perfectly the metal square or round pipe, or metal bars will approach.

3. For a basis take bars of 30 mm and cut out 8 preparations: 4 of them the others have to be equal to arena length, – width. Make vertical racks in each corner of the same bar. That the arena turned out folding, do each party separately, in the form of a rectangle. Thus, you need 8 vertical racks.

4. If you plan to make a lattice and already picked up suitable bars, make a marking on horizontal crossbeams. You watch that the marking on the top crossbeam precisely coincided with a marking on lower. Choose distances between rods of a lattice randomly, but so that in it the head even did not prolazit the most small child – anyway, it is no more than 10 cm.

5. In noted places a drill drill openings on depth of 1 cm. Not to exceed the set depth and to drill all openings equally, attach to a drill a ruler or a lath parallel to a drill, is 1 cm shorter – when the opening is ready, the lath will rest against bar and will not allow to drill further.

6. Grind the surface of bars and rods, cover them with soil and varnish. The arena details will be more smooth, the it will be safer to be in it to the child. Consider that children, as a rule, gnaw or suck the top bars therefore they have to be covered with only absolutely safe hygienic materials.

7. Collect separately each wall. Insert all bars into openings of the lower crossbeam, from above at the same time pass them in top. Fix side racks. Among themselves bolt preparations or squares at any time to have an opportunity to sort a self-made arena.

8. Take pendular loops and connect among themselves the next walls on two. To connect among themselves these two preparations, pendular loops of dual action or usual, but with wide shelves (your purpose – to put an arena as a screen, in the form of an accordion) will be necessary for you. On the other hand you will fill a latch, such that the child could not open it – the usual latch or a hook will approach.

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