How to make a children's suit of a mountain ash

How to make a children's suit of a mountain ash

Do you want your kid to feel confident on a festive morning performance in kindergarten? Sew to it the most beautiful suit which anybody will not have more.


1. The mountain ash suit for the girl consists of a skirt, a blouse and a wreath. The headdress will become a basic element. With its production there will be no difficulties if still it is possible to find rowans with purple berries in your yards. Gather brushes 5-7 cm long and attach them to The White satin ribbon 80 cm long. It should be twisted around the head and to stick a bow on a nape.

2. If the wintering birds already managed to obklevat all rowan, take wide The White Ribbon, sew to the tough corset film and make on it applique. Fill a puncher from red color paper circles berries, paste them to a tape. Draw with a green and black felt-tip pen branches and leaves.

3. The white blouse can be sewed or taken already ready. Decorate it with applique on sleeves same, as on a tape. The breast will be decorated by a mountain ash beads if there is an opportunity to make them. Or the most usual jewelry from plastic red balls.

4. The skirt can be made in two ways. Find in shop white fabric in red peas, it is desirable print, sateen or linen. Cut out from it a circle the radius equal to length of a skirt plus 17 cm. In the center cut out a circle with a radius of 15 cm. Sew an elastic band and sprain a skirt hem. The skirt will look more volume if under it the girl puts on an underskirt. It can be sewed from kreoline or the starched cotton fabric. It is found just as a skirt.

5. Instead of a skirt from fabric in red peas, it is possible to sew the same sun flare skirt from scarlet fabric or to ispolovat any already available short skirt of white or red color. Cut out from green velvet paper or cardboard of 10 mountain ash leaves. They have to be length equal 2/3 or a half to skirt length. Collect them on a lace and sew to a skirt belt. If business happens when from trees do not singe leaves yet, dig them from a rowan and connect in a wreath which will serve as a belt.

6. Decorate white golfs or tights with a scattering of red paper circles. On shoes it is possible to attach live clusters of a rowan or red beads.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team