How to make a children's toy

How to make a children's toy

For many parents the question of how to make a children's toy with own hands, concerns not because of economy. The things made with own hands, more spiritualized at the same time skills of parents on production of toys allow to create new friends for the child almost every day.

It is required to you

  • Scraps of various fabrics, threads, needles, additional accessories for creation of features or jewelry of a toy.


1. Before getting to work, at first it is necessary to decide on what toy wants to be received as a result of house creativity. It can be any soft toy the hands or a doll so popular today the Tilde. After the decision is made, it is necessary to pick up the corresponding pattern of a product. It can be found on many websites in the Internet or in shops of needlework. Many magazines on sewing for children also incorporate patterns of children's toys. Usually recommendations about production of any given product are attached to this pattern also.

2. It is not important whether it will be a doll the Tilde the hands or a teddy bear, but the pattern needs to be transferred to fabric. After the template of a product is created, it is necessary to cut out and to sew details, considering necessary allowances for seams for a sshitiya. It is possible to do it as by means of the sewing machine, and a usual needle and thread. At sewing together it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to leave an opening in order that through it to fill a toy. It has to be in the least noticeable part of an animal.

3. As stuffed cotton wool swore today it is considered not too suitable as it komkutsya and over time the toy just gets out of a shape. It is better to use holofiber which can be taken from old pillows or blankets. After all details of a toy by means of a thin stick are filled, it is necessary only to sew up this opening with a secret seam.

4. It is possible to decorate a toy by means of various accessories. Features are embroidered or for them artificial materials in the form of beads or beads are used. For some toys the clothes objects made separately or sewed along with toy trunk fragments are separately created. Most often in order that the toy was more comfortable, use soft and warm fabrics, like fleece or a flannel.

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