How to make a Christmas decoration with the child

How to make a Christmas decoration with the child

Elegantly decorated fir-tree is the main symbol of New Year's holidays which wait both adults and children. The Christmas decorations which are independently made together with the child will brighten up expectation of New year, will help the child to develop imagination and creative abilities, and you will be given invaluable minutes of communication with the kid.

It is required to you

  • Cardboard, color paper, foil, threads, needle, scissors, glue, salty dough, egg shell, the kindled candle wax, spangles, candy candy wrappers, pieces of foam rubber or polyfoam.


1. To please the child, to impart to him accuracy and assiduity, it is necessary to be engaged with him in joint production of hand-made articles, but first of all take care of safety. Do not give in hands of the kid of a needle and sharp scissors, you watch that children did not take in a mouth small objects, glue and so forth, choose harmless materials for production of hand-made articles. Then the ready result will not be saddened by unpleasant incidents and will give a lot of joy.

2. A self-made beads and garlands will become good decoration of a fir-tree. For production of a beads it is possible to use the pieces of a multi-colored foil rolled in balls strung by a needle on long thread. The garland is made of the small strips of color paper which are stuck together by rings among themselves.

3. Make volume figures of cardboard. Cut out several details of one size and a form from multi-colored cardboard. The configuration of a product can be any: star, circle, pear, rhombus, lamp and many other things. Paint them in favourite color or in slightly different, make cuts to the middle of each leaf and connect among themselves that the figure became volume. It is possible to smear previously figures with glue and to strew with spangles.

4. Wrap with the kid in candy wrappers pieces of foam rubber or polyfoam, tie a thread the ends and hang up them on a fir-tree. The beautiful and appetizingly looking ornament quite suitable as a Christmas decoration will turn out.

5. Toys can also be stuck together from the salty test. Knead water-based dough with a large amount of salt. This weight can be used as plasticine, giving it various forms then put ready figures in an oven and properly calcinate. Toys will turn out strong and durable, do not forget to make in them an opening for a thread only in advance.

6. Beautiful Christmas decorations turn out from an egg shell. Make in egg two small openings, one from above, another from below. Blow contents in the clean vessel, and fill a shell with the kindled candle wax. From above paint a toy voluntarily. It can become both the pirate, and a ladybug and a snowman and Father Frost.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team