How to make a crib with own hands

How to make a crib with own hands

Purchase of a crib – a considerable part of financial expenses before the birth of the kid. But to make such bed future dad or the grandfather of the child can independently, the hands. It is enough to arm with necessary material and the metalwork tool and the bed with the kid from maternity hospital will be ready to return of mom.

It is required to you

  • Mattress, grinder or emery paper, fret saw, roulette, "corner", furniture corners, hammer, nails, boards, plywood, bar, wooden laths.


1. Do not use in work on a crib sheets fibreboards, laminated Chipboard and chipboard which can emit toxic substances in the air surrounding the child. The safest materials for production of children's furniture – the birch, a pine, will cost slightly more expensively oak boards and a beech. Wooden blanks for a bed need to be ground carefully an emery paper or the grinder that the child did not receive from badly processed splinter wood.

2. Buy a mattress in advance for a bed on which you will be guided with a size of the lying place. The mattress has to be rather rigid, made of anti-allergenic materials, for example, with filler from coconut fiber.

3. The standard minimum size of cribs is 90х40х50 cm. Drill in four wooden bars of an opening on 90 mm everyone and in eight on 50 mm. Openings have to be at identical distance from each other in 4.5-5 cm. Insert rods into the lower bar and in what will be above. Collect bed sides by means of these preparations.

4. On a bottom of a design cut out and put the sheet MDF, drill in it openings for access of air and attach to a framework screws and corners. Make a back back of a bed of plywood or the MDF sheet of 90х30 cm and attach it on a framework the same screws. Varnish a collected bed in two-three layers that it served to the kid long time.

5. You can decorate a bed, decorate it with hand painting, process corners furniture decorative accessories. In addition to a bed it is possible to attach rollers wheels that it could be moved about the room.

6. If you do not own the metalwork tool, then can buy a second-hand crib and restore it. In that case remove old varnish of a bed an emery paper, ground all its surface and varnish or safe acrylic paint in two layers. The bed will be as new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team