How to make a crown of the princess

How to make a crown of the princess

Each little girl is the most true fantastic princess. For any mummy, for any daddy their daughter – the most beautiful, most favourite, most charming baby in the world. Of course, parents are ready for everything that their princess was the most cheerful and carefree. By the way, the main attribute of the princess is her crown. And where to take a crown in our 21 century? Actually, it is not a problem at all. A crown it is possible to make with own hands at home.

It is required to you

  • Cardboard or dense paper, foil, scissors, glue for paper, a ruler, beautiful buttons, beads, beads, rhinestones.


1. It would be just remarkable if the baby participated in production of a crown for the fantastic princess.

2. For a start, it is necessary to cut out a strip 3 centimeters wide from the dense sheet of paper or cardboard and length equal to the sum of a circle headsof small of the princess and centimeters of three. The turned-out strip of paper should be pasted over accurately from two parties with a foil of the same width and length.

3. Two ends of a brilliant strip, a basis of future crown, it is necessary to connect among themselves with an overlap.

4. Further it is necessary to designate the middle of a strip and to paste on it either a bright pebble, or a big beautiful button, or shining to a rhinestone.

5. Now further production of a crown of the princess requires a lot of long (15 – 20 cm) thin, half-centimeter by width, strips. On color they have to be combined with a crown basis well.

6. Each of these stripes should be twisted so that circles, triangles, ovals, small squares turned out. Some of them need to be twisted more feasibly, and some are weaker.

7. Now from the middle of a strip, i.e. from a beautiful button or a blestyashka, it is necessary to spread and paste accurately to a basis of future crown the details twisted by ovals. A certain similarity of a flower turns out.

8. Further the details twisted from paper (oval, round, triangular, square) follows, connecting among themselves glue, to spread in the form of a pattern. Such pattern gradually has to grow up, forming a beautiful openwork part of a crown of the little princess.

9. Fantastic ornament for the little princess is ready. By the way, for lovers of a large number of beads, blestyashka and strazik, the turned-out crown can easily be added with them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team