How to make a daily routine to the school student

How to make a daily routine to the school student

The daily routine is important for each child of school age. He helps to adhere to reasonable discipline during the day, to accurately divide operating time and rest, to help the child to plan the day.


1. By drawing up a daily routine it is not necessary to try to force the child to live by someone else's rules. It means that you should not take the first day regimen from the Internet or from books, to unpack it and to force the school student to follow it. Of course, it is possible to think that they are made by competent experts who know for sure when the child should get up when to go to school and to do homework and when to go to bed. But your child can have own habits therefore it will be best of all to take some day regimen as a basis and to change it, depending on classes of your child.

2. In a daily routine it is necessary to consider when classes at school begin and when they come to an end how many the road to school borrows. All this will help to understand in what time it is better for school student to rise in the mornings and when he comes back home. Defining time of raising of the child, it is necessary to know how long he gets up, what is the time spends for morning procedures whether he does exercises in the mornings, whether has quickly breakfast. Usually raising of the child happens between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning, however classes at different schools begin at different times, some school students study very close to the house, and some should reach to school by bus or the car. All this can change time of raising of the pupil, hour of its exit from the house and return from school.

3. Classes at different schools and classes last a different number of hours too. Depending on it it is necessary to specify in a daily routine approximate time of return from school and lunch time. After a lunch arrange to the child a small break then it is possible to specify time of free classes, walks, circles or sections, performance of lessons. The school student is younger, the more at him has to be time for walk and additional classes. The child can be interested in several types of circles at once, and maybe it is simple to stay at home or to take a walk on the street with friends if he is fond of nothing special. By drawing up a daily routine it is necessary to consider time which is taken by various sections. If it is day classes, then in the beginning the child will go to them, and to carry out lessons in the evening and if evening, then the order of classes in a day regimen exchanges.

4. Of course, different children carry out lessons with an individual speed. It needs to be considered by drawing up its day regimen too. Someone from children remembers everything quickly, and lessons come to it easily, and someone even in the first class long and patiently pores over tasks. Wrong in this question to listen to councils of third-party psychologists who are not familiar with your child. Quite normally for everyone to have own speed, but important and to adhere to the chosen schedule. So, if the child knows that on all homeworks he has only 2 hours, he will not begin to be distracted by the TV or the computer, will not speak with friends by phone. The daily routine is a good incentive for the child to learn to do everything in time.

5. Allocate in the schedule not only time for study or sections, but also for free evening lessons of the child. Let this time will be devoted not to what it has to do, and to in what he wants to be engaged. That is do not check lessons in these hours, do not force it to do housework, let the child know that there is time which he can devote himself. Reading, drawing, games on the computer or with the family, production of hand-made articles - let the child will choose what is close to it.

6. The child has to sleep enough hours too, then the daily routine also is created - to help the school student to be in time all and thus to keep his health. Children of younger school age should sleep not less than 10-11 hours, teenagers need to sleep 9-10 hours, and the senior school students are 8-9 hours old.

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