How to make a diaper of a gauze

How to make a diaper of a gauze

If the kid has an allergy to modern pampers, they can be replaced with gauze diapers which need to be made. Of course, they do not absorb moisture and after the child descends in a toilet, the diaper needs to be changed for dry and clean. One more minus which belongs to gauze diapers – them needs to be ironed.


1. Make a rectangular diaper of a gauze which sizes of 90 by 180 cm. Put a gauze in half from the long party. Then put a gauze in several layers until at you the rectangle about 90 by 20 cm in size turns out. Miss a narrow part between legs, and wide enclose under a back of the kid. Record a diaper shorts or a ribbon. Do not use sharp pins for fixing, they can prick the child.

2. Take a gauze of 90 by 180 cm and put in half, then obliquely that the corner was formed. Put the kid on the gauze put by a corner so that the narrow tip was formed from below. Sprain it between legs towards a tummy and tie free side tips in knot. It is necessary to tie not strongly hardly, otherwise your kid will feel discomfort.

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