How to make a greeting card together with the child

How to make a greeting card together with the child

It is not just fascinating to make something together with children, but also it is useful for their development. Any creativity makes active imagination, improves fine motor skills. Besides it is simply pleasant – to present someone the card made own hands.

What will be required for a greeting card

It will be required very little, namely:

- color cardboard; - scissors (it is even better, if they with figured edges);

- napkins or thin paper of different flowers (4 pieces); - color cardboard; - glue stick or PVA; - simple pencil and ruler.

How to make a card

For a start together with the child it is necessary to define composition of future card. Then to cut out a basis for it from color cardboard. If to make it figured scissors, the pattern at the edges will turn out. Its sizes can be different. For example, 150х200 mm. Such card will quite be located in an envelope. On this basis from above to paste one more rectangle. The combination of flowers of these details can be any. So the card will become more volume and bright.

Thin paper or napkin needs to be divided into four parts. From it flower petals have to turn out further. Therefore it is better not to cut, and to break off paper. So edges will be uneven and more volume. Now in shops the huge range of decorative materials is presented, and it is possible to choose something to liking. As a result 16 pieces of color paper have to turn out. They can be different in color. And can be sustained in uniform scale. Here everything depends on taste of the child and parents. Now it is necessary to make petals. For this purpose paper needs to be put so that the paper bag turned out. In a form it will remind a flower cup. It will also be a petal. The child will just quite cope with such work. On the sheet of cardboard glue for designation of the center of composition is squeezed out. Here it will be necessary to paste consistently all turned-out petals. Than closer to each other they will be pasted, especially the flower will turn out magnificent. Now it is necessary to cut out a stalk and leaves from paper. Such flowers can be a little. Everything depends on imagination and the chosen card sizes. Here it is possible to write congratulations and to decorate a flower with various decorative details: tapes, rhinestones, beads. Everything depends on taste and the chosen style. Well and, of course, from the addressee. It is possible to place flowers in the vase or a basket which are cut out also from multi-colored sheets of paper. From a reverse side of a card the sheet of white or thin tissue paper is pasted. It is used for writing of a congratulation. The text can be cut out also from letters. For this purpose the pile of unnecessary magazines or newspapers is required. Only for a start it is necessary to think up a wish. Such card for certain will be pleasant to that for whom it was created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team