How to make a hand-made article of autumn leaves

How to make a hand-made article of autumn leaves

The most beautiful and romantic in fall are autumn leaves, yellow, red, orange, burgundy, unlike one on another. It is possible to keep this bright impression of fall in hand-made articles.

It is required to you

  • autumn leaves, sheet of cardboard, glue, gouache, brushes, different in form, size and coloring


1. Collect in the park or near the house many multi-colored autumn leaves of the most various trees. Leaves have to be different in the size, beautiful in a form. At home wash up those leaves on which there are strong pollution and let's them dry out.

2. Dry up leaves. It is possible to make it, having wrapped up them in newspaper sheets and having put from above cargo, for example, a pile of books. Or iron the leaves which are wrapped up in newsprint, the warm iron.

3. Consider leaves: as they are combined with each other. Think what can be laid out them what paints will be suitable for a background and addition of a hand-made article. For certain to you the interesting ideas will come, beauty of fall inspires, and from leaves of different trees it is possible to lay out a set of compositions.

4. Prepare a basis of future hand-made article - cardboard. It is possible to paint it with gouache depending on a plot which you want to display in a hand-made article. You apply gouache with a brush, previously having shaded paints on a palette. It is necessary not only to mix colors for receiving the necessary shade, but also that the paint layer was not too dense.

5. When paper dries, lay out applique from leaves: a landscape, small animals, small fishes, birdies or a still life - everything depends on your imagination. Pick up leaves, different in a form and the size, spread out them in the necessary sequence on a leaf, correct the turned-out drawing, having replaced some leaflets. Eyes, fine details can be laid out blades or seeds.

6. Now, when the picture completely developed, it is possible to start gluing of leaves. Accurately gather a little glue on a brush. Apply glue with a brush on cardboard, apply from above a leaf and, easily pressing, press fingers.

7. After glue dries, it is possible to add a hand-made article with several strokes of gouache: to finish drawing details or to apply paint on leaves. The hand-made article is ready. Such picture can be issued as a greeting card or to place in a frame.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team