How to make a holiday for the child

How to make a holiday for the child

Your kid has birthday? You invited friends with a heap of kids, and then became thoughtful, became puzzled and suffered prolonged anxiety. Of course, parents will sit down to themselves quietly at a table and will conduct small talk, and these little rascals unless will remain sitting? Unless will be able to burst for both cheeks a dish which you were going to prepare in the afternoon? Or you think what they will lovely stir about a hide-and-seek and tag? Far from it! Prepare, parents!

It is required to you

  • For entertainment - board games, prizes for competitions, animated films, collections of songs, clownish noses, uvulas-svistelki, wigs and caps for guests. For ornament - balloons, garlands, color indexes, cards for a table. A holiday table - bright safe ware, tasty, unusual dishes.


1. Room. The first and the most important – choose the room where there will be a table with differences goodies. Children can play pranks therefore the room has to be the most spacious, free from expensive home decoration and the equipment. Lay a table a bright cloth, standard white lacy - out of place, kids all the same will pour something and will bedaub.

2. Kids menu. The holiday is a holiday, to stand behind a back and to force to eat you will not be able. Think that children would like. The hint – the is more unusual and more cheerful a dish, the more interest they to it will show. If vegetables – in the form of fancy figures if salads – it is obligatory in tartlets if a meat dish – with a surprise. Let on a table there will be more fruit and juice, and here with candies is more careful. Ware can be bright and colourful and that children were not confused with seating, attach cards with names near devices.

3. Decoration of the room. Create houses the festive atmosphere, having decorated rooms with multi-colored balloons of a different form. Prepare clownish noses, uvulas-svistelki, wigs and caps for guests. On a ladder and on doors it is possible to paste cheerful indexes for guests if not all know number of the apartment and also to bind an armful of spheres outside the window or on the balcony.

4. Entertainments at a table. Stock up with cheerful competitions and small prizes – brelka, figurines, toys, stickers. A game question-answer, a competition on the best poem, the song and also riddles is popular.

5. Games. If the holiday in the summer, then is better to send children to be aired and play a game of tag jump ropes if in the winter – mozayki-puzzles approach, the children's lotto, the twistor, cheerful board games, for children is more senior, for example Monopol. For boys it is possible to hold a table football tournament, and girls will be engaged in dolls.

6. Music. Your child has preferences? Let he will help to pick up to you disks with songs, modern and children's that friends nicely fooled about. When children are tired, it is possible to arrange joint viewing the animated film or fairy tale.

7. Cake and gifts. For some reason all got used that gifts give to the birthday boy at once as soon as cross a threshold. Change this tradition, let the child will receive gifts from friends when bring festive cake with candles. It will be the long-awaited moment and the logical conclusion of evening. After leaving of guests the birthday boy will quietly sort the treasures and, happy, will go to bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team