How to make a raft of a cane

How to make a raft of a cane

Spring and summer - time to start up self-made ships in small rivers and lakes. For certain your children already did different boats, the ships and motor ships of paper. This time we suggest you to make together with the child the real tiny raft with a sail.

It is required to you

  • - five a kamyshinok 90 cm long or the same rods of any thickness cleaned from bark
  • - thick white threads
  • - 14х15 cm of white or brown paper fabric (from an old shirt)
  • - glass of strong cold tea
  • - cardboard box
  • - potato
  • - brown oil paint
  • - plasticine
  • - ruler
  • - shoe knife
  • - scissors
  • - adhesive tape
  • - thick needle
  • - brush for drawing
  • - polystyrene film
  • - varnish


1. From the thin end of a kamyshinka cut off two pieces on 15 cm and postpone them Cut off 20 more pieces on 15 cm.

2. Cut off a cover from a cardboard box. On sides mark and cut out on the crack 8 mm wide which is coming to an end in 25 mm from a bottom.

3. Enclose in a crack to Kamyshin. Put a thread 1 m long. Wrap up it twice around one end, as shown in the drawing. Tighten a double knot. Repeat on other end.

4. Enclose the second to Kamyshin. Tie her to the first double knots. In the same way add the others 18. Take out from a crack.

5. Over threads paste an adhesive tape two cross kamyshina 18 cm long. The ends tie with ""eight"" the thread folded double as shown in the drawing.

6. Remove an adhesive tape. Sew a cross-piece the threads stretched between two kamyshina. Tie in knot. Repeat on other party.

7. Repeat a step 6 between kamyshina 5 and 6, 15 and 16 on both parties of a raft. They are shown red in the drawing.

8. Cut off to Kamyshin 20 cm long for a mast. Point its thin end. Densely insert between two average kamyshina. Put vertically.

9. Tie a thread to one corner of a raft. Wind it around a mast 2 cm lower than a top. Knot. Repeat for other corners. Paste according to the drawing.

10. Put future sail in strong tea. When it is painted, dry up. Cut out a stamp on a potato half. Dip it into paint and push aside on a sail.

11. Wrap up the ends of a sail around two postponed Kamyshin. Sheathe big stitches. In a top of a mast make a cut.

12. Paste a sail an adhesive tape lengthways Kamyshin of a raft. Tie a thread to one end of a yard and stretch it through a crack. Tie to other end of a yard.

13. Remove an adhesive tape. Stretch threads from the ends of the lower yard to back corners of a raft. Paint all threads cold tea.

14. Float your raft. If he sits too deeply, enclose a polystyrene film. The raft will hold it on the place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team