How to make an enema to the newborn

How to make an enema to the newborn

Problems with depletion of intestines can arise at the kid in the first days of life, and mom has to know for sure how to work with it in this situation to help. The emergency help in the absence of a chair and discomfortable feelings the kid will have an enema. And to do it to the newborn it is necessary to be able to help, but not to do much harm to the baby.

It is required to you

  • - syringe
  • - boiled water
  • - vaseline or cream


1. Remember that chair frequency at kids – the phenomenon individual. Its consistence, color, a smell and frequency in many respects depend also on feeding option, and from specific features of development. But if your kid did not defecate couple of days, he is obviously uneasy, his tummy firm, and he rolls out legs - it is necessary to help it. In such emergency ideal option will be to make enema to the newborn.

2. We will be prepared and will break. Boil the syringe with a soft nose in a small saucepan. Do not get it from water so far. You need the small syringe about 50 ml.

3. Prepare solution for introduction to intestines. It can be boiled water, boiled water with several drops of vegetable oil or camomile broth. Oil envelops fecal lumps and helps them to come out with the minimum injuring effect. Broth of a camomile will be good at gas generation problems. Cool solution to 30 degrees.

4. Carefully wash up hands. Spread the special diaper which is doing not pass water.

5. Put the kid on a diaper on a back or the left side, having pressed the legs bent in knees to a tummy of the kid.

6. Get the syringe and check that it was not hotter. Completely force out from it boiled water not to scald the kid.

7. Force out pressing air from the syringe and fill it with solution for introduction.

8. Grease a syringe nose with vaseline or neutral cream for easy introduction to an anus of the kid.

9. Enter a syringe nose accurately without effort into buttocks of the kid to couple of centimeters and slowly force out liquid from the syringe. Without unclenching the syringe, touch it, and the second clamp buttocks of the kid. It is necessary that liquid softened stool and managed to work on intestines, stimulating its depletion.

10. In half-minute release buttocks of the kid.

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