How to make an orthopedic rug with own hands

How to make an orthopedic rug with own hands

Presently legs of the little person go only on an equal floor or a soft carpet. Only a few weeks in a year the baby derives pleasure from walk barefoot on the sand beach. But the advantage of stimulation of feet for various materials is known to experts long ago. The cost of some orthopedic rugs frightens. To create a qualitative and interesting orthopedic path the hands very easily.

On our feet there is a set of the nervous terminations, impact on which stimulates work of internals. At children the rich touch experience leads to the best development of nervous system and the speech. Kids have flat-footedness less if they regularly go on uneven surfaces, stones, a grass. Therefore it is extremely useful to enrich feelings of the child. The self-made orthopedic rug will help you with a cheerful form to be engaged in prevention of children's flat-footedness and also to study properties of objects.

In this article various ways and materials from which it is possible to make with own hands an orthopedic rug are described. Having understood the principle, you create the unique path which anybody will not have. What it will turn out, depends only on your imagination and availability of materials of the house and in the nearest shop.

The simplest that it is possible to take as a basis of future orthopedic path, - a foam tourist rug. The thin skin costs cheaper, but at the same time easily is torn. Buy the rug suitable you both on thickness, and at cost. More difficult option – a fabric basis. If you are able to sew and you have free rags of fabric, use them.

At the minimum ability to cope with a needle and a thread, you will easily sew not only a basis for an orthopedic rug, but also sacks which are filled with various contents. That the child got rich touch experience, put peas, buckwheat, buttons, sand, balls in fabric envelopes. On such examples you will acquaint the child with concepts "firm", "soft", "big", "small" and also with flowers. Your kid will be able not only to go on them, but also to feel hands. Use various fabrics: cotton, soft fur, prickly wool, smooth and cold skin.

 It is possible to fix elements of an orthopedic path on a basis in several ways. On fabric it is easy to sew something, and all-purpose adhesive or plastic collars more is suitable for a skin. Buy the last in hardware store. It is undesirable to Clay to use. But if differently it is impossible to fasten a touch rug, take glue with the minimum smell and before use with the child properly dry a path in the open air within several days (for example, on the balcony).

On a self-made orthopedic rug take and you fix everything that will be pleasant to you. Silicone supports with the convex drawing, basts of different rigidity, soft brushes, an artificial grass – everything to what your eye will fall in department of manufactured goods. Pay attention to safety of materials. Stepping on them, the child should not split or be wounded them. The touch path sometimes brings rather strong feelings, but it should not be sore to kid to go on it. Also on a basis of a rug it is possible to paste buttons or pebble, plaits from ropes or laces.

One more easy way to create an element of an orthopedic path – to weave a thick braid out of rags. Display it on a straight line or with turns and suggest the kid to go on a braid in different ways: "a clumsy bear" (leaning on an outer edge of foot), sideways, etc. The rope or a plait from the twisted fabric easily is fixed on a skin by means of collars. Pay attention that the lock and a tail of a collar appeared from a reverse side of a path. Thin smooth sticks or pencils can also be a link of an orthopedic path. Paste them across a skin closely to each other that the ridge surface turned out.

Involve the child in creation of an orthopedic rug with the hands. So you will increase the value of a similar hand-made article in his eyes. The kid who helped to make a touch path himself will remind parents once again that it is time to work and do exercises. And at the following visit of shop your child will find and will bring you interesting material with which you perfectly complement a self-made touch path.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team