How to make characteristic on the child

How to make characteristic on the child

Characteristic is formed objectively to estimate extent of development of the child. Besides, it can have significant effect on its destiny. Therefore, making characteristic, especially on the preschool child, emphasize his personal advantages which other tutor or the teacher will manage to disclose them in much bigger measure.


1. The tutor of child care facility or the class teacher of school can make characteristic on the child, and the head of establishment signs, and the seal is set then.

2. You enter a surname, the name, the child's middle name, year of its birth. Since what time this child visits this preschool institution. What time studied or studies at the last tutor. How often is ill and whether willingly attends kindergarten.

3. Describe behavior of the child: as he contacts to the peers, to adults and the tutor. Whether the child owns skills of self-service.

4. Its relation to the given classes and as behaves on these classes. Features of behavior of the child which help or interfere with study and fixing of knowledge, skills.

5. Open in characteristic on the child his relation to work what type of activity prefers more whether it shows interest in the end results.

6. Explain how he copes with the program of child care facility, what features of its intellectual development.

7. Further specify how parents participate in education of the child. That you as tutor, disturbs in development and education of this preschool child.

8. Thus, given which contain in characteristic have to reflect specific features of assimilation by children of program material of kindergarten or school, data on features of interaction of the child with people around, the difficulties characteristic of this child at training, information on various parties of behavior and mental activity in general.

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