How to make doll make-up

How to make doll make-up

faultless doll make-up became the logo of many fashionable displays. Models with it meyk-apy bewitch. It unites brightness and naturalness, gloss and youth. But how to achieve doll image?


  1. You receive juicy and memorable meyk-ap if you observe several simple secrets. Faultless complexion. Achieve effect of ideal skin. For this purpose adopt friable powder, easy fluid and compact powder of beige shade. Disguise small shortcomings of skin, having put basis under tone. Reddenings, pigmental spots hide by means of concealer. Then fingertips put with thin layer fluid. Do it carefully to give to image zero gravity and ease. The air bed of friable powder will become the finishing note. It excellently will approach to maintain ideal tone of skin throughout the day. Besides, you need to achieve visual effect of the correct face form. Use different shades of powder: apply more dark tone on those places which need to be disguised. Note for yourself that all make-up is sustained in pinkish shades.
  2. Doll look. Expressive eyes - integral part of image of Barbie. Emphasize the line of growth of eyelashes on upper eyelid, by means of black pencil remove arrow and shade it a little. Such effect you will achieve the surprised doll expression of eyes. Further take shadows of pink shade (it is also possible violet or blue) and apply on upper eyelid. Do not forget to add a little gloss on external corner of eyes, and then your look will be irresistible. Now add several artificial to the middle and edge of your eyelashes. Tint ink. Also, to emphasize openness of look, trace several cilia on lower eyelid.
  3. To receive easy fresh flush which so goes to dolls, not difficult. Just apply gentle-pink blush on convex part of cheekbones, it is better to use big brush. The main thing - do not go too far in color, the flush has to be hardly noticeable and unostentatious.
  4. Sponges. Images of dolls are different, it is possible to meet doll with scarlet or transparent peach sponges. Everything depends on your desire and style. Use special pencil for lips, draw contour, and then already apply lipstick. Add a little gloss for juiciness. Your sponges will please in saturated color much longer if you at first apply lipstick on the palm back, and then by means of brush transfer it from palm to lips. The make-up of doll is complete, it is necessary only to watch that during the day the image was faultless and gentle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team