How to make eyelashes are longer

How to make eyelashes are longer

fluffy eyelashes it and is beautiful, and it is useful. Eyelashes serve as natural protection of eyes against dirt, dust, mechanical damages. Throughout ages of the woman looked for way to make eyelashes longer and more dense to give to look the additional depth and dramatic nature. Today there are dozens of ways to reach the desirable – medicines, make-up, special oils, eyelash extension and the grandmother's recipes checked by time.

It is required to you

  • Vaseline, castor, olive, almond oil, growth factors of eyelashes


  1. The first and simplest step on the way to long and healthy eyelashes – the correct way of life. Avoid the stresses smoked, stuffy and dusty rooms, the junk food rich with the refined sugars and saturated fats. Use products, vitamin-rich and the minerals promoting growth of hair such as vitamins C, E, various vitamins of group B, magnesium, zinc, sulfur and beta carotene. Do not forget that as construction material for growth of nails, hair and eyelashes serve the amino acids which are contained in proteinaceous food.
  2. If eyelashes are dry and fragile, to them never grow to acceptable are long. Feed eyelashes from within and outside. Eat the food rich with useful fatty acids – omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. You can include in diet of berry of asaa - they are rich with all three types omega fats. Grease for night of eyelash with thin layer of vaseline, castor, almond or olive oil.
  3. Experiment with products for growth of eyelashes. There is set of serums, conditioners and oil mixes which are specially developed for their (eyelashes) of strengthening and stimulation. The most effective cosmetologists call those means which contain various derivatives and analogs of prostaglandins (prostaglandin).
  4. Avoid the influence injuring eyelashes. Do not rub, and wash out eyes if something has got into them. Remove make-up for the night, using special means. The modern extending and indelible hulks though do eyelashes longer, but work very aggressively. If you did not make up eye, all the same clean eyelashes before going to bed and after the polluted rooms and the street.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team