How to make friends children in family

How to make friends children in family

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It was so led that sometimes in families between children with a certain age difference there is a misunderstanding against the background of which there are more serious conflicts. What methods to avoid quarrels and offenses at each other and to create the warm and friendly atmosphere between children exist?


1. "You love it stronger only because he – is younger!". Still long ago arose and densely the stereotype that with the advent of youngest in family the love for the first child becomes not such any more strong as before became stronger. It is connected with the fact that owing to the age the second child demands much more parental attention. Because of it the senior children sometimes feel deprived. To avoid such situation, it is necessary to explain to the child in advance that the love for it will not cool down, and it will be also loved, as before. Involve it in communication with the younger family member. Let it will be a joint game, for example. Then understanding and condescension will not keep themselves waiting.

2. Personal space. One more not less widespread problem between two children is a personal space. Especially relevant this problem becomes when children are already in teenage age. Quite often there are cases when they are forced to live together in the general room, and the lack of personal space can negatively affect the relations of children. Therefore if your children are already in the age of reason – it is desirable to talk, discuss with them that they wanted to change in the room. Turn it into process, fascinating for them. Let they will discuss with each other such arrangement of furniture and things what suits them that to them it was comfortable to live together.

3. Constant comparison. Also constant comparison both can negatively affect the relations between children. If you hold up the senior child as an example younger, he at once has an offense at the first child. About everyone such comparison you will only strengthen this resentment which soon threatens to develop into hatred. Remember that both of yours the child is persons, and it is impossible to drive someone from them into a framework of behavior of other child at all. Always there is an opportunity to point delicately to the child to the mistakes made by it. It will be far more effective, than kindling of rage between children.

4. Do not impose one child to another every second. It will cause only irritation. Remember that, despite importance of communication of children in family, both of them will want to have a rest sometimes from each other. In it there is nothing bad, each of them needs a privacy with himself or communication with the friends. Do not force children to be constantly together – and friendship between them will be far stronger.

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