How to make happy the husband

How to make happy the husband

Often couples which lived already some time in marriage are realized that between them the wall grew from misunderstanding and mutual reproaches. When and as it began to understand happens extremely difficult. Spouses feel that they moved away from each other and or keep visibility in family, being deeply unfortunate, or leave. In family the woman is spirit of the relations therefore in many respects an exit from the closed space depends on it.

Problem root

Today argue on happy and unhappy marriages much. Family problems such reasons as lack of the sexual relations, treason of the spouse, lack of attention from its party to the wife and children are regarded very often as of paramount importance. Popular ways of the solution of these problems are the addresses to fortunetellers, healers, use of various sexual tricks, a showdown. Perhaps, something also works, but only for a while. Or the appeared illusion of happiness involves a loop of new, much more stubborn problems.

The reason often appears on a surface. Modern women so got used to independence and are to such an extent active that if the man on the speed of the reactions does not keep up with the spouse, he becomes eternal "whipping boy".

Besides, very often men to the introduction in the matrimonial relations a long time live with parents. And change of the status from "child" on "man" happens only partially and formally. Many women in the course of family life have a desire to push, and sometimes and just to force to make any given action of the partner in life. For the first time, in the second spouse executes requirements blessed, but then can just sabotage requests. It can be expressed or in direct refusal of execution of requests, or in refusal of caress of the wife, etc. As a result tension in family increases and leads couples to a gap. Very often the prime cause is the discrepancy of the man with the ideal which is thought up by the woman. Thought up! And it always leads to constant discontent with the elect.

Solution of family problems

It is clear, that the rate of today's life forces many to do everything quickly and not to look back, but it will be expedient to lovely ladies to stop not to be at that rotary end of the resources when the people loving each other become not just enemies, but already absolutely foreign. It is worth thinking in this situation and whether is at the elect of advantage, the union developed not in a flash. If to write them to itself to notebooks, and to greet the husband dobra with a smile in the evening and a careful word, it will have by all means result. Certainly, the initial effect can be the return if the man got used to the tense relations and already took a defensive position, but in such situation it is important not to recede from the chosen line and to be consecutive. Perhaps, the spouse will look some time at fooled around the behavior, will not thaw the first minute, but water sharpens a stone. As for criticism, it should be reduced to a minimum and to look for more convenient time and a form to read effective offers. By the way, those they often look in the opinion of women, and in practice it turns out that it were the hasty ideas. Caress, be it a word or action, it is pleasant not only to lovely ladies, but also the most brutal representatives of the men. Besides, it inspires! Any person, certainly, will respond to it, the main thing not to miss the moment when it becomes impossible to turn back the relations. The man will be happy and will surely present care and caress in reply to the half.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team