How to make out a book corner in kindergarten

How to make out a book corner in kindergarten

Books play an important role in formation of esthetic tastes of the child, help to get acquainted with the world around, the best works by children's writers. For this reason in each kindergarten there are book corners where the child can leaf through favourite fairy tales, learn the world around by means of the bright illustrations devoted to life of animals, the different countries and the cities.

It is required to you

  • books, pictures.


1. Choose the suitable place. The book corner whenever possible has to be located far from the place for games, is closer to a window. It has to be the cozy, quiet and peaceful place in which the preschool child will be able ""to communicate"" to literature. As the main criterion when choosing books serves accounting of kids by the teacher of literary interests, their age features.

2. Correctly place books. In a book corner editions which are well familiar to children have. It is necessary to remember that, despite various tastes of kids, all of them love fairy tales, comic rhymes. On the first place in popularity among childrenyoungergroup – the book picture. Except books there can be also here separate colourful informative pictures which are pasted on dense paper.

3. Still S. Marshak, N. Nosov, E. Uspensky's works remain one of the most favourite. Along with fiction on shelves the books devoted to flora and fauna can be placed. Considering pictures, children enter the world of the nature, learn to understand the world around better.

4. It is necessary to consider the main conditions at registration of a book corner: expediency and convenience. Besides, the corner has to be attractive, cozy, disposing the kid to the concentrated, slow communication with the work. Selection of literature and the pedagogical work which is carried out in a book corner are obliged to correspond to age needs and features of children.

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