How to make prints of legs of the child

How to make prints of legs of the child

Yours the baby will grow up soon and as a lovely lump will remain only in photos. What a pity. Approach a question of memories of the childhood creatively. Leave a mark of children's tiny legs of your kid for history. This simple souvenir and in decades will be able to remind the light moments of the childhood, will remind what crumb was your child. Well, you are ready to try?

It is required to you

  • Salty dough, plaster, alabaster, Minutes of the Childhood set, paints


1. The simplest, but not less interesting way is to make salty dough and on it to leave prints. Dough can be baked then, having received thereby a tiny mold. In a couple of years, celebrating the next year, it is safely possible to remember about preparation and together to ornament it paints, having turned it into a cheerful game.

2. Still it is possible to circle prints with a pencil on paper and then to cut out them. But such way is not suitable for absolutely pretty children. But it is easy to paste such prints in an album!

3. It is possible to put prints paint, it is better to use jelly paint. It is not toxic and is easily washed away. If the child is more senior, also gouache will approach. And still lipstick – then all lines are visible. Process not so difficult - a leg or the handle needs to be smeared with paint or lipstick and to lean against paper or cardboard, and everything is ready.

4. The option is more expensive - to find the special sets "Minutes of the Childhood" where enter in children's shop: a form for an outflow, bags of plastic weight, paints, brushes and a stick for stirring. By means of such special set for quite short time it is possible to make molds of handles and legs of your kid. Still the frame is applied to set therefore the mold made by you will approach as a gift to grandmothers and grandfathers.

5. One more material - the self-hardening weight, the same principle, but it is necessary to dry a mold accurately. Sometimes it is curved in the course of drying, and it is already impossible to insert then a ready mold into a frame. Therefore I suggest to dry material in a frame at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team