How to make private finger-type theatricals

How to make private finger-type theatricals

Modern interactive toys do not give to the child of a sufficient scope for development as the children's imagination in a game with such toys is not used. For a speech development, for entertainment and also for training of the child it is possible to make finger-type theater. These are mini-dolls who are put on fingers, and the child thinks out a game plot, sounds toys.

It is required to you

  • - felt
  • - needle
  • - thread
  • - scissors
  • - pencil
  • - handle
  • - dense paper
  • - brush
  • - acrylic paints


1. It is not difficult to sew toys for finger-type theater at all. Dolls consist of only two details which are sewed among themselves. For a start on the sheet of dense paper by means of a pencil we will draw a template. The size of a template is proportional to the size of the handle of the child as the toy will densely have to sit on a finger, not dangle and not squeeze too strongly. We will cut out a template and we will transfer by means of the handle to felt. Let's cut out two identical details.

2. It is possible to draw a detail directly on the sheet of felt, to cut out, put to a leaf, to circle and again to cut out. Let's take a needle and suitable color a thread: it can be in tone of felt or contrast color.

3. Having accurately put details to each other we begin to sew. We do it from below, we move upward and again down. At the same time it is necessary to leave from below an opening for a finger. We sew a so-called loopy blanket stitch. Or lyubymdrugy to taste. Thus we will make several toys at once. By means of a thin brush by acrylic paints it is drawn to toys eyes. Let's dry. Now it is possible to put on toys fingers and to start a game.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team