How to make puree for the child about one year

How to make puree for the child about one year

From the beginning of introduction of a feeding up before parents there is a mass of questions of with what puree to feed the child and whether to buy factory or to prepare independently. In practice it is rather simple to make fresh vegetable or fruit puree.

It is required to you

  • - vegetables or fruit;
  • - grater;
  • - blender.


1. Before making puree for the child, attentively study the acquired fruit or vegetables. It is desirable that they were local. Such fruits contain bigger amount of nutrients and risk of emergence of allergic reactions less, than in case of consumption of import vegetables. Fruits have to be whole, not have damages or traces of decay.

2. Carefully wash up vegetables or fruit a brush then from them peel, cut off rigid parts, such as cauliflower scapes, take out sunflower seeds and grains if those are available. Sweet fruits of heat treatment do not demand, it is only enough to rasp fruit and to wipe through a sieve or to shake up in the blender. You use for crushing of a grater from plastic or stainless steel. At contact with usual metal, vitamin C disappears and puree loses the useful properties.

3. Cooking vegetable puree, crush products into small pieces and put in the boiling water, having covered a pan with a cover. If the child is inclined to an allergy, then such vegetable as potatoes, it is desirable to soak previously in water within 6-8 hours. So it will be left by the surplus of starch causing skin rashes.

4. Boil vegetables until ready then crush to uniform consistence. That puree was more gentle, it can be parted with a small amount of breast milk, mix or vegetable broth. Salt, sugar and other flavoring additives in food of children about one year are not put. In process of growing of the kid add to vegetable puree vegetable or butter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team