How to make sure that you are pregnant

How to make sure that you are pregnant

Pregnancy definition – a disturbing event in the woman's life. Especially, when you look forward to approach of pregnancy and look for in yourself various signs emergence of new life. It is possible to make sure that shortly you will become a mom on several signs and ways.

It is required to you

  • - test for pregnancy;
  • - blood test on HGCh;
  • - thermometer;
  • - survey of the gynecologist.


1. A delay to a menstruatsiivspomnita when there were the last monthly what duration of a menstrual cycle at you. It will allow to calculate a delay most precisely.

2. Indirect you priznakiobratit attention to the state. Whether there was at you nausea, especially in the mornings whether some smells irritate, preferences in food changed. There can be a frequent urination, dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, irritability.

3. Test on a beremennostsdelayta the test for pregnancy in house conditions. On assurance of producers it shows existence of pregnancy from the first day of a delay. The test happens several types – a test strip, the electronic test, the cassette test to the pipette. All these tests are calculated on definition in urine of the HGCh hormone allocating at pregnancy. It is better to carry out the test for a morning portion of urine.

4. Blood test on HGChSdayta blood in medical laboratory on definition in blood of the horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person (HGP). In blood this hormone contains in high concentrations, than in urine. Hormone can be defined in blood for 10-12 day of pregnancy. A blood test needs to be taken strictly on an empty stomach.

5. Increase in a basal temperaturyesla you take basal temperature (temperature in a rectum), points the temperature increase in the second phase of a menstrual cycle (about 37 degrees and above) lasting more than 2 weeks to possible pregnancy. At pregnancy approach basal temperature remains raised, and before approach monthly it falls. Remember that basal temperature should be taken right after a prosypaniye, without getting out of a bed.

6. Survey by the doctor-ginekologomobratites to the gynecologist. By means of manual survey on a gynecologic chair the doctor will be able to assume pregnancy on such signs as increase in a uterus, blue mucous genitals, the closed and highly raised neck of the uterus.

7. The UZISamyy reliable way to define uterine pregnancy is ultrasonography. But it is the best of all to carry out it after 2 weeks of a delay of periods that the doctor could consider a tiny fruit on the monitor. Ultrasonography has to be appointed by the gynecologist observing you.

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