How to make the balanced menu for the child

How to make the balanced menu for the child

Children have a need for nutrients and vitamins is much bigger, than at adults. They are necessary for them for development of mental capacities, growth and replenishment of stocks of energy. The wrong food badly affects health of kids therefore their menu has to be balanced.

Basic rules

To provide the child with full-fledged food and all necessary substances, by drawing up the menu it is necessary to follow some rules.

1. Food for children has to be various. Extremely it is not recommended to feed the child with the same dish more often than 1-2 times a week. It is necessary to include more various products in a diet, and to cook food in different ways.

2. The menu has to include many different fruit and vegetables, at the same time part of them has to be in pure form. It is necessary to include the products rich with vitamin A (carotene) in food: carrots, pumpkin, greens, currant, pepper, peaches, plums and vegetables of red-orange color. Vitamin C sources: oranges, tomatoes, dogrose, southern fruit, sweet cherry, strawberry and cabbage. Group B vitamins which contain in bean, grain, kernels of fruits, flour types of food and rye bread. Once a day it is necessary to give to children fresh fruit and vegetables, for example, for an afternoon snack.

3. At a daily diet there have to be different types of products: meat or fish, dairy products, vegetable fats, bean and grain. It will provide the child with energy for all day and will improve appetite.4. It is not recommended to cook salads, second courses and the same vegetables.5 soups. Greasy and fried food should be avoided, same concerns also very sweet desserts, such as cakes, cakes and candies. As sweet it is better to give dried fruit, home-made jam, cookies and cottage cheese desserts.6. Milk and dairy products need to be given to children daily in number of 400-500 ml.7. Every day or every other day it is necessary to give to the child on 1 egg, for example, in salad, sandwich, a dessert or to a garnish. 4-5 times a week for lunch or a dinner.8 are enough to give meat or fish. In bezmyasny days it is necessary to give to children more vegetable dishes, dairy products and eggs. The children's organism surely has to receive enough proteins.

Balanced diet

What is to the child and in what quantity it is visually shown in the pyramid of healthy food made by scientists where: • 6 portions of grain products have to enter 1 level of a pyramid; • The 2nd level is made by 3 portions of vegetables and 3 portions of fruit; • at the 3rd level 2 portions fish and meat and 2 portions of dairy products are placed; • at top of a pyramid there are fat products and a minimum of sweets.

Baby food: quantity of food

One of the main issues for parents is the serving size for the child. It is important that the kid did not remain hungry, but also did not overeat. Several simple rules will help with it. Children since three years, as a rule, very mobile, they spend much more energy, than adults. Respectively, it has to affect also diet caloric content. Daily need of the three-year-old child makes 1550-1600 kcal. In four years 1750-1800 kcal are necessary already. These figures it is necessary to increase each next year of life by 100-150 units up to 7 years.

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