How to make the calendar of an ovulation

How to make the calendar of an ovulation

In the middle of a menstrual cycle there are several days favorable for conception. The calendar of an ovulation can help to plan desired pregnancy and to avoid undesirable. How to make it?


1. Use a formula on which the ovulation is calculated. On the basis of these not less than six months, count how many days last your menstrual cycle. The first day is when bleeding begins. Subtract 14 from the received number. For example, if your cycle makes 28 days, then an ovulation day comes on the 14th. If a cycle of 25 days – that on 11. Favorable for conception count up 3-4 days to an ovulation and 3-4 days after it. I.e. in the first case 11-18 days, and in the second – 8-15 are favorable for conception. If your cycle uneven, then it is necessary to consider deadlines. For example, if the cycle fluctuates from 25 to 28 days, then fertile (favorable for conception) consider 8-18 days of a cycle.

2. Make the calendar of an ovulation on the basis of basal temperature. It is measured, inserting the thermometer into a rectum or into a vagina. It is also possible to take basal temperature and in a mouth, but the last two ways are considered as less reliable. In order that the calendar turned out reliable, it is necessary to consider indications not less than three months. Take temperature every day at the same time - at once after awakening, without getting out of a bed, the same thermometer (it is better electronic). These conditions are very important, without them indications will not be reliable! Write down results or make the schedule. In the first half of a cycle basal temperature remains at the level of 36.5-36.9 degrees. A day before an ovulation it can fall to 0.1. Then within three days temperature increases to value above 37.0 and remains approximately at such level until the end of a cycle. That day after which temperature begins to increase is considered day of an ovulation.

3. High degree of reliability, unlike all other methods of definition of an ovulation, the method of ultrasound examination of ovaries is considered. Ultrasonography is carried out several times during a menstrual cycle and defined day when the ripened follicle leaves an ovum. This method is widely used for diagnosis of infertility.

4. Day of an ovulation can be determined by indirect signs: to weak nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, to strengthening of sexual desire. Hormonal changes during this period lead to increase in mucous allocations from a vagina. Slime becomes elastic, slippery, transparent and reminds crude egg white. One more way to define an ovulation is to use the special tests acquired in pharmacy which will show, it came or not.

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