How to make the car of Lego

How to make the car of Lego

The designer of Lego – a desired gift for the child, in particular for boys who very much like to build of it buildings, to collect modelk of cars, planes and other equipment. You can teach the child to build the machine on the enclosed instruction or independently, with use of improvised details.


1. Open a box of the bought set or examine it from all directions. You will find the detailed instruction to process of step-by-step assembly. Observe all instructions and teach to do it the child as quite often sets are rather difficult.

2. If you did not find the instruction in a box, address official assemblies on the website Lego or look for the amateur scanned and drawn descriptions. Pay attention to structure of details which are used in various sets, and make sure that you have all necessary. It is possible to buy in addition a box with "Freestyle" - various details which are applied to creation of various options of a design.

3. Spread out all details which will be used at assembly of the car, on groups. To the first of them carry most often ready wheels and details for their fastening to an axis and the bottom of a body of the car. For assembly of a body you need several rectangular and square blocks and also being included in the door package on loops. Look in set for sides for a trunk, flat or slightly convex roof, plastic glasses.

4. Attach on two wheels to two axes – the thin and extended blocks. Over them install one or two flat blocks that something turned out, reminding the cart. Attach doors on loops on each side, and in front – a windshield. Build a trunk and a motor compartment from several cubic blocks. Establish the remained glasses and put over them a roof.

5. Add your car with several details for appearance. For example, round and multi-colored details buttons can be used for creation of headlights and marker lights, tires and an ornament. At will add a spare wheel on a trunk, the antenna or put the driver inside if the place allows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team