How to make the child happy

How to make the child happy

If with each new generation the life of children becomes better, so from all ever than the living children modern children the happiest. But the facts of it do not confirm. For this reason the question how to make the child happy, is relevant as before. It is simpler to think of it when the child is small. Maturing, he forms the concepts about happiness. Whether it is possible to make the child happy if he any more not the baby?


1. Become friends to the child. One of the main ways to achieve it, to allocate time for honest and outright communication. It means for parents to sacrifice something, responding to need of the child for a conversation. If the person neglects healthy nutrition, he will not receive an official message of thanks from a stomach. Whether explanations about a lack of time on food will sound as valid justification? Hardly. Also and with the correct communication. When will the child become closed and aloof whether you will be able to justify the missed opportunities? The child needs to be sure that if it is required, parents will always be near as reliable friends. Therefore be available and understanding. Let the child see that it is pleasant to you to communicate with him, then it will fill with happiness both him, and you.

2. Train the child consistently and regularly. Impart to the child positive and grateful mentality. Having learned to appreciate, the child will be insured from the qualities corroding happiness, such as envy and greed. Besides it is necessary to form will and character in the child. The happy child will not become dependent on majority estimates. It will have values and beliefs. Its purposes and ability to reach them will bring deep satisfaction. Do not diminish the value of parents' council. If it was necessary when children learned to tie laces, then it is especially important in teenage years — when teenagers already think of the happiness. If there is no council, then the child can become in the house a stranger. And it will definitely not make him happy.

3. Have a good time together. Happiness, as we know, this internal feeling of deep satisfaction. And children feel special happiness when they are happy and laugh. Planning entertainments, choose not just salutary types of rest, and try that the child saw also your joy. Remember the childhood. What made happy you? One woman told that in their family all liked to ride bikes together. And one man, remembering the childhood, told how he together with the father read the story "Visionaries". Laughter with all the heart that evening was remembered to it for many years. According to a recent research it became clear: teenagers three times more often than their parents, complain that parents and children spend not enough time together. They need you more, than it seems to you.

4. Assure of love. Little can cause more disappointment, than feeling in children that dad or mom does not love them. And according to the Toronto Is Old newspaper the interesting research during which came to conclusion that the level of hormones of a stress rises many times at those children who are not embraced was conducted, do not caress and do not iron. Do you think feeling of uselessness will make the child happy? It is important to parents to behave so that their children did not doubt constancy of parental love. Continuous understanding that it needs to be deserved or that it will disappear at any time if the child makes something not so, will make him rather unfortunate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team