How to make the child happy and self-sufficient

How to make the child happy and self-sufficient

That the child grew up the happy person, it is necessary to provide him the correct atmosphere in family. Such people of very much manage to reach in life, it is pleasant to communicate with them, they are appreciated by others. Happy children never suffer from the underestimated self-assessment, they have always improved relations with parents. However, not all parents manage to bring up the self-sufficient child. How to make it?


1. First of all, how mom with dad treat the child's birth is important. Of course, the kid becomes literally the center of the Universe for the parents, especially for mom as most often she spends bigger amount of time with the child, and many mothers give up all hobbies for the sake of care of the kid. It seems to them that such victims are justified and that then the child will be surely grateful for it. But actually this way it is impossible to act categorically. The woman who gives all the time to the child and forgets about own desires begins to blame the kid after a while for the fact that she could not be implemented in other spheres and did not become that whom wanted. The child feels such discontent from mom, it very much presses on it and prevents to be happy.

2. It is not necessary to try to become ideal mom, eventually it is impossible. It will only take away the mass of forces and will force to test constant tension. The woman will compare herself to others, and the attention will focus on the shortcomings. With dissatisfied and eternally intense mom the child will not be able to be happy.

3. Education of the child - special work for which it is worth being prepared that in crucial moments not to break on the child and not to do it guilty of all failures. Art to be parents is in that being able to find a common language with the child.

4. No matter, how many years to the child, to it it is always necessary to listen. Thus the respect on the attitude towards the kid is expressed, and it is necessary in order that the child felt like the full-fledged personality.

5. On the child it is impossible to press, he always has to have an option which should be respected and accepted, it is kind of difficult was. Eventually the child has to live the life with own mistakes, it will not make him unfortunate.

6. Mom has to be first of all a mom. It - the friend and not the friend. Mom - it is much bigger and she has to have a parental authority which the child will feel and will not begin to challenge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team