How to make the child self-assured

How to make the child self-assured

The unconditional love and full acceptance of the child are the key to his future self-confidence. It is still important to transfer to the kid an adequate self-assessment by the example and to observe simple recommendations.


1. Give to the child enough independence, it is a basis of self-confidence. Give an opportunity for manifestation by the kid of the skills, create all conditions that he sought to develop them. It is not necessary to do for the child what he also is able to execute. Do not forget that the kid constantly develops, so, limits of his independence need to be expanded. If so far any task is difficult for your son or the daughter, break it into stages.

2. Give to the child an opportunity most to take care of the leisure. If parents constantly think out for it games, in every possible way entertain, they do not allow it to show an initiative. The kid has to be able to occupy himself, but not to wait that someone will amuse and will interest him. Thus the child studies self-expression, opens the opportunities and talents. Do not forget to praise sincerely it for achievements and to give compliments to outstanding abilities of the kid. Believe, they will surely be found if to focus attention on them.

3. Stop to feel sorry for the child and to compare him to others. It underestimates a self-assessment. The simple sympathy in case of failure or a slight injury will be enough, and the kid will feel like stronger, confident person. The lack of assessment, especially compared with other children, will also positively affect confidence education. Pay attention that even the praise to other child in the presence of yours is undesirable.

4. Believe in the child and you speak to him about it. Forget a phrase that at him something will not turn out. It is destructive for children's confidence. Naborot, inspire the kid, support all his initiatives and initiatives, of course, except cases of obvious danger. Think, but whether you exaggerate this danger. Uneasiness of parents can be transferred to the child and is negative affect his confidence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team