How to make the children's poster

How to make the children's poster

If you need to create the children's poster on a task in kindergarten or at school, or you want to make the wall newspaper by a birthday of the kid (or to any other significant event) - it anyway can become creative and interesting occupation for you and your child.


1. Choose subject of the poster. Except usual holidays the early autumn, arrival of the grandmother from other city, a house performance or any other event or action invitation can be a subject.

2. Pick up as much as possible photos and the illustrations corresponding to a subject of your future poster. Cards well will be suitable for standard holidays - buy a little or use old, received once by you. Look for suitable pictures on the Internet, unpack and if necessary paint. Use the photos of your child corresponding to a subject - for example, the child in kindergarten or in the autumn park.

3. Except drawings in the poster it is possible to use also other elements. For New Year's posters dream up with the spangles, cotton wool which are cut out by snowflakes. In posters on autumn subjects use leaves of a maple or a rowan, on the poster attach a birochka from maternity hospital to a birthday of the child if the size - the first toy allows.

4. Make a sketch of future poster. Designate where texts, drawings, heading will be located. Always place at first large elements, and then those that it is less. The heading has to be evident and accurately reflect a poster subject. For drawing attention use also at least one more large element - an illustration.

5. Do not overload the poster with the text. Text elements have to be short, for example, the small poem, the comic book, a joke or a joke. In general the text should not be visually more, than illustrations. Also think where the poster will hang - if you hang up it rather highly, avoid a text part in general. On the poster it is possible to leave a blank space for wishes to the birthday boy, in this case arrange the poster so that on it it was convenient to write.

6. Most effectively posters with a color background where there is no white place left look. For painting of a background use watercolor paints, pieces of chalk or simple pencils.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team