How to make the correct bouquet to the first teacher

How to make the correct bouquet to the first teacher

On September 1 — the first day of fall and "Knowledge Day". This day reminds of school, of white big fluffy bows of schoolgirls and of the sea of flowers presented by pupils already favourite or still to the very first and unfamiliar teachers. But not so just to choose a bouquet for the teacher. There are many rules to which it is desirable to adhere. The "wrong" bouquet it is possible to offend and do much harm.

Choosing flowers for a gift, follow rules of flower etiquette. Knowledge Day in this plan is not an exception, and the bouquet chosen for a gift to the teacher has to correspond to certain rules. Color, the name of a flower, age and sex of the teacher have to be considered.

Rules of the choice of colors for September 1.

1. It is recommended to give flowers only cut off, flowers in pots will not be suitable for such event.

2. Stalks in a bouquet there has to be an odd quantity, an exception are big bouquets, there the quantity can be not considered.

3. Armfuls of flowers are undesirable, in everything the measure is important.

4. If personal preferences of the teacher are known, then it is better to choose a bouquet according to them.

5. It is better for teachers to give to men flowers on long stalks.

6. Will be suitable for teachers as flowers on long stalks, and on short.

7. Gladioluses, roses, chrysanthemums large-flowered or carnations will be suitable for teachers of men monophonic (only not pink and bright red).

8. For a bouquet you should not take strongly smelling flowers and flowers which can cause allergies, such as lilies, jasmine, sunflowers, daisies, oleander, rue, orchids.

9. For the young teacher choose flowers with not revealed buds, and for the teacher aged — completely opened.

10. It is better not to bring flowers of pink, blue, red, violet and black color for September 1.

11. The most universal colors for a school bouquet: orange, orange-yellow, dark yellow, they will suit all.

12. But it is possible to take for a bouquet both white, and blue, and lilac, and cream flowers.

13. Traditional decorative greens will be suitable for registration of a bouquet: gipsofila, asparagus, fern.

14. Also for an autumn bouquet it is possible to use branches of a rowan, a guelder-rose, maple leaves and other plants suitable on color scale.

The bouquet which is picked up according to all rules will be remembered and will present good mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team