How to make the menu for the school student

How to make the menu for the school student

Children of school age need the healthy and balanced nutrition, except the active growth of an organism, they daily are exposed to intellectual and physical activity. By means of competently made diet it is possible to help the pupil to strengthen health, to improve attention and to develop memory.


1. The balanced food of the school student means itself existence in the menu of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the correct proportion. It is necessary to pay attention to a proteinaceous component as protein is necessary for growth of an organism. At a diet there have to be dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, greens, fresh fruit and vegetables.

2. For breakfast give to the child the food rich with carbohydrates. For example, porridges from cereal cultures (oat, buckwheat). To bring a variety, alternate porridges to proteinaceous food and dairy products. Pancakes with cottage cheese, fritters, cheesecakes or omelet with vegetables will approach.

3. As drink by a breakfast serve tea (black or green, it is possible to add milk), cocoa or berries and fruit compote. The main task of morning meal is to provide the young school student with enough energy for classes, but not to create feeling of weight and glut.

4. The second, more dense, the pupil usually receives a breakfast at school. If in the dining room there is a possibility of the choice, discuss with the child in advance, it is better for that to give preference. One of optimal variants - meat cutlet with a garnish (pasta, buckwheat) and fresh vegetables salad.

5. If there is no opportunity to eat at school, collect to the child small grocery set for having a snack. Fruit, cookies, hard cheese sandwiches and water can enter it. It is better to pack products into special containers for food.

6. The lunch is time of full meal. Try that the child received the first, second and third dishes. As first course a great option is a soup or broth (meat or vegetable). Soups are important for the growing organism as they contain salts and extractive substances for the correct work of a stomach.

7. Fish or meat with any garnish and vegetables can be second course of a lunch. Provide a dessert to choose to the school student independently.

8. Between a lunch and a dinner prepare an afternoon snack (small having a snack) for the child. It can be yogurt, sandwiches, fruit or cookies with milk.

9. For dinner serve the easy dish. As good options are considered: omelet, cottage cheese with fruit, chicken or fish with stewed vegetables.

10. Try to exclude or reduce the use by the child of semi-finished products, fast food and carbonated drinks to a minimum.

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