How to make the menu of the child

How to make the menu of the child

The correct leaving of the kids menu will allow to provide receipt in an organism of all necessary substances. Consider age, growth, weight and preferences of the child. If necessary address for consultation the expert.


1. To make the menu of the child, define what products will enter it. Consider that all necessary substances have to come to a children's organism with food: minerals, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, amino acids and so on. For this reason the diet has to be the most various. The following products are obligatory: fish, meat, cereals, vegetables, berries, fruit, dairy and fermented milk products, bean, vegetable oils and eggs. Cereals have to be present at the menu daily, as well as vegetables, fruit and dairy products. Meat and fish need to be given 4-6 times a week, and include eggs in the menu every other day.

2. Choose optimum ways of preparation. If the small child, then suppression, cooking and preparation on couple approach. For children dishes are more senior it is possible to bake in an oven. And it is worth refusing frying absolutely.

3. Surely consider age of the child, this criterion is important. First, not all products which more adult children can use are allowed kids. Secondly, age features allow to determine the volume of one portion of food. Thirdly, needs of children of different age can be absolutely different.

4. Growth and the child's weight have to influence drawing up the kids menu too. If the child has the small body weight and small growth, then food it is required to it slightly less, than to the tall and large kid. But everything happens differently therefore do not forget to consider needs of the child. If the offered volumes of food seem to him insufficient, then try to increase a portion. But do not overdo, overeating is mean and dangerous!

5. Now paint the menu for every day. It is the one breakfast best to offer porridges on milk or other cereals dishes, for example, to muesli. The adult child can eat cheese and oil sandwich. For lunch as first course serve vegetable soup. On the second offer the child a meat dish with a garnish. It can be steam cutlets with mashed potatoes. The child can wash down all this with compote or juice. Next day replace meat with fish. The afternoon snack is important too, though is having a snack. Ideal option – fruit and fermented milk products. So, offer a few berries and a glass of natural yogurt. An ideal dinner – vegetable salad. For one or two hours to a dream it is possible to give to the child a glass of milk.

6. If you cannot independently make the kids menu, address for consultation the pediatrician or the children's nutritionist. The expert knows all features of food of children and will be able to introduce necessary amendments and also to give useful tips.

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